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Women’s food and useful vitamins

by aboutweeks

To preserve beauty and health, you need to have healthy body cells. Healthy cells are always young and damaged cells always get sick, age and die over time. The more healthy cells your body is healthy and of course young. Throughout life, cells in our body are divided about 50 times. The cells are not healthy, the sick and weak are divided much more than healthy cells and this can mean only one, the more in our body of sick cells the more older our body. And of course he gets sick. In order to prevent this, you need to make as much effort as possible for the healing of sick cells. How can I do that? The most important thing is everything from our nutrition. What should we do in the first place? Start eating only healthy foods rich in various vitamins and minerals useful for our body. To look about 35 years old in the age of 50. This can really be achieved. Vitamins will help us with this. Vitamin E- helps to maintain the general condition of the oily moist environment of our cells. A large amount of vitamin E is contained in cold squeezing olive oil. In order to get a daily dose of vitamin E, it is necessary to take one tablespoon of olive oil in the morning. When choosing olive oil, pay your attention to the manufacturer and specify the shelf life of olive oil. Italian production oil is considered the best. Carefully look at what kind of pressing the oil, it is better to choose cold pressing the difference in price almost imperceptibly, it contains more vitamins for cold -pressed oil oil. Selenium, in addition with vitamin E, will help to preserve your cells from various diseases much better, giving a certain barrier to various viruses and bacteria. Turn on your diet and beer trembling in your diet.

Beer trembling are rich in selenium. There are various nutritional supplements and of course food additives containing beer trembling. You can purchase this type of additives in pharmacies. They will help strengthen your body as a whole. Carotine and vitamin A will help protect your cells from destruction. With a good concentration of carotene in your tissues, you will look much younger. Products that contain Karotin – carrots, spinach, broccoli, apricot, beets and of course a very useful pumpkin. These products must be taken constantly throughout the year. They contain a large number of vitamins useful for our body. And of course these products will help you keep your youth for a long time and improve your health. Not only pumpkin is useful, but even pumpkin seeds are very useful. They will very well help cleanse your body of harmful substances in your intestines, and as you know, a healthy intestine is a healthy and young organism. The above products are useful both cheese and boiled. But best vitamins are preserved in fresh products. The best assistant to preserve youth is of course magnesium. Vegetables that have dark green leaves contain a large amount of magnesium. If you consume part of these vegetables every day, then the general level of activity and strength is increasing in your. And if you have a lot of effort, then the body works in the right direction. Magnesium will help keep your youth for many years. You can also choose additional complex vitamins that contain magnesium. And start taking vitamins, and in the near future you will feel a surge of youth and energy of a healthy organism. Glucose and phosphorus can help you improve your memory. In products such as seaweed, in fish, buckwheat, and various types of nuts contain a lot of phosphorus and glucose. Especially a lot of phosphorus in fish. Fish should be eaten about twice a week. Nuts also contain a lot of healthy fats for the body. And as you know, fats help to look our skin much more beautiful. If, for example, your body is in a lack of fats, then your skin loses elasticity and iron much older and becomes dry.

In such fruits such as grapes, banana, tangerine contains a large amount of glucose. These fruits help to enrich blood with useful vitamins and improve the overall quality of blood. As you know, grapes help to prolong youth, there are various creams containing grape extract for the rejuvenating effect of your skin. Mandarins with a high content of beneficial vitamins help maintain a healthy tone of the whole body and improve mood. Vitamins such as B1, B6 and C help improve human memory. And if for example, these vitamins take in a place with calcium or magnesium, then diseases as atherosclerosis you will not get sick. It is best to use fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, but this is not enough unfortunately. With a change in ecology and the deterioration of the soil in these fruits and vegetables, each time becomes less and less beneficial substances and vitamins in replacement for the content of chemicals. But you can find a way out of this situation, these are food supplements, they are absolutely without harmful. You can choose and choose comprehensive vitamins for yourself and start reception. And of course, playing sports will help maintain beauty and youth for many years.

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