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The main rules for mature skin care

by aboutweeks

Every woman dreams of at any age to stay young and attractive. But with age, keeping beauty is becoming increasingly difficult, the skin loses its elasticity, loses a healthy tint, it becomes problematic.

Cosmetologists have revealed that line when age -related changes become noticeable. By forty years, the quality of the skin is significantly deteriorating, it is then that the skin loses the ability to recover. At this moment, mature skin needs proper nutrition, moisturizing, cleansing. It is very important to be responsible for the choice of cosmetic products.

How to care for mature skin?

• Mature skin requires maximum moisture and nutrition, since it is the dehydration of the skin is characteristic of the age after forty. Cosmetics should be high -quality and based on moisturizing, so pay attention to cosmetics marked “for mature skin”. Hyalouranic acid and retinol must contain such funds.

• It is better to always choose everyday moisturizing cream based on glycerol, grape seed, wheat germ, oats, with the addition of vitamin complexes, antioxidants and fruit acids.

• Thermal water should thoroughly settle in the “Women in Forty” cosmetic bag. It fully saturates the skin with selenium and zinc. Especially to the taste of thermal water will have to be problematic skin, prone to peeling and allergies.

• Twice a week, the skin must be nourished and cleaned with masks. Similar procedures are widely represented by the Rashel salon

. The mask will bring the greatest effect in the morning, when the skin is ready to absorb hydrating components.

• A stunning effect has daily moisturizing the skin with the help of ice -based ice cubes, such as chamomile, mint and sage.

• Makeup removal only with a special cleansing milk. The soap must be refused once and for all. In fact, soap should not be washed not only in adulthood, as it provides intensive drying, thereby damaging the epidermis.

• And ultimately I would like to add that undoubtedly cosmetics in the mission of mature skin care have a place to be, but the basis of health and excellent health is a full sleep, avoiding stress, proper and full nutrition. And only then the cosmetic industry.

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