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Autorex with GPS module

by aboutweeks

A car video recorder with a positioning system is widespread as a means of tracking the situation on the road. Is the best assistant in the resolution of disputed situations in violation of the rules of the road. If you have such a need, purchase a DVR. To fix it on a windshield or next to the dashboard, there will be no special problems, so any motorist will cope with this.  The registrar makes, as a rule, the continuous shooting of what is happening in front of the machine, so that you will need to correctly install the device and check the viewing angle of the camera, depending on the car brand. There is a good VisionDrive auto registrar with a GPS module that retains geographical marks, the speed of the car and its direction, which will also help to determine in which place and when the record was made. Excellent quality of video recording, gives in detail to discern everything that happens, and the microphone of the auto -register gives pure sound, both when shooting and when viewing the record. All registrars have a small display, for the opportunity to see the recorded video on the spot, there is rewinding, a reproduction speed regulator. Thanks to the brightness of the picture, it is possible to record at night.

In the configuration, there is a memory card and software, with which you can perform analysis and video recording on a personal computer. Of the additional possibilities, it is possible to note the presence of a password setting function on both the video registrar itself, and on the re -recording or removal of the previously recorded, which can serve as monitoring the driving of personnel in the company, fleets, taxis and other things. The quality of shooting videos varies from the price of the auto -register. The DVR has a capacious battery, which makes it possible to record a video within a long period of time.

The larger the container, the better. Despite the quality of the video, this parameter is a more priority in choosing devices of this kind. When selecting a highlight, you need to know the following: battery capacity, display diagonal, screen quality, function of the picture of the video on the screen in bright light, the presence of GPS module, the quality of HD shooting or the usual. And most importantly, for shooting in high resolution, if the model allows, then purchase a drive of the highest possible capacity, usually a 16 gigabyte memory card.

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