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Innovative hair extension methods

by aboutweeks

The rapidly developing beauty industry offers many ways to correct hair length. The most significant advantages among all methods are striped hair extension. This is a safe and quick way to correct hair length.

Hair tape extension technique consists in strengthening strands of hair on sticky tapes. Two sticky ribbons are connected around the strands, forming the likeness of the “castle”.

Such an extension is the most pleasant of all available methods, t. To. ribbons have a delicate structure and are pleasant to the touch.

This method of correcting the length of the hair is a cold extension, so the hair structure during fastening of the strands is not injured.

The procedure for removing the fortified strands is also very simple, the master processes the hair with a special solution, after which the strands are easily removed. This advantage makes the correction procedure very fast compared to other methods. This method of removing hair strands during correction retains hair strands in perfect order, and makes it possible to re -use, only the adhesive tape changes.

After strengthening the strands with a tape method, precautions are also needed, t. To. Ignorance of care restrictions can lead to quick loss of fortified strands. After hair extensions, the tape method cannot be used by alcohol -containing hair care and hair styling products, t. To. they dissolve the adhesive base of the tape.

Ribbon hair extension makes its own adjustments and selection of the hair styling method. You can not use the hair tent. To. The ribbons are located in a special way.

Another drawback of this method is the gloss of an adhesive tape, which can detect hair extensions in the mistress of the ribbon correction of hair and ruin the mood for a long time.

The duration of the operation of strands strengthened by the tape method is laid in a period of one to two months, after which it is necessary to correction.

Another thing that needs to be remembered before growing strands of hair is in one way or another this is the need to ask the quality of the strands (manufacturer brand). Often the quality of the strands leaves much to be desired, which significantly reduces the life of their operation.

And the last thing to remember is that an extension should make a qualified master. The pursuit of cheapness procedures often leads the client into the hands of amateurs who can damage the clients of the client.

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