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Car sink stations – what services they offer?

by aboutweeks

In large civilized cities, thousands of people move around the city in personal cars. Each car is a colossal mechanical organism that requires periodic maintenance both inside and outside.

Motorists sometimes have to ride in puddles, as a result of which water gets to the sides of vehicles, to which dirt subsequently sticks and the dust wearing by the wind, which is why the presentable type of prestigious “iron horse” is temporarily lost.

Of course, the car’s body can be washed by the driver himself, armed with a rag, a bucket of water and a detergent. But not all drivers love to do this, especially girls. And in the winter time, the car washing in the courtyard with a twenty -degree frost can even become a completely non -renewal procedure. But it is not necessary to wash the car yourself – special services are working in civilized cities, whose employees can clean the hood, and wings, and wheels of any passenger transport. At the request of the client, a dry cleaning of the car interior can be made.

Modern car wash can be manual, automatic or combined. Automatic brush washing of a tunnel or portal type implies a car placement in a special installation, the mechanisms of which water the vehicle with water jets, applying a detergent to it, cleaning it with large brushes and lips.

Car cleaning from the inside is so far exclusively by a person. The washer is wiping the car glass from the inside, vacuums the interior, cleans leather and plastic surfaces. Also, at the request of the owner, he can also have a trunk. Typically, at the disposal of workers of the car wash station there is such a useful unit as a foam generator.

A separate service in such services is the polishing of the body. This procedure is performed on an already washed machine with a sponge and a jar with a polish. Also, a car wash worker can also perform a tire pumping service if one of the tires needs it.

No need to take the “iron horse” to the car wash, if the weather is thunderstorm, and on the roads puddles and slush – the washed car after ten minutes driving will become dirty again.

If the owner of the car has a spacious personal garage, he can take care of his transport on his own, and Karcher’s compact car wash will help him in this.

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