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BMW 1 Series GT

by aboutweeks

The front -wheel drive BMW can soon become a reality, although only a few years ago no one could even think about it. Today, our photographers-shpions again tracked the test prototype 1-Series GT.

The serial version of the five-door hatchback will be based on the Active Tourer concept frame. The main competitor of the novelty will be Mercedes B-Class.

Although the car is very disguised, we can still see the design of the radiator grille, the baggage compartment doors and the double exhaust system.

1-Series GT will be built on the new platform of the Bavarian automaker-UKL, which will also form the next generation Mini Cooper. Front -wheel drive versions will be basic, while for a surcharge it will be possible to order a branded system of all -wheel drive XDRIVE. Bavarians will give all the PVS wire to everyone who ordered all -wheel drive.

The engine line remains unconfirmed, but, as expected, it will include various three- and four-cylinder units. The main one will be the new 1.5-liter TwinPower Turbo, which, depending on the settings, will be able to give out from 81 liters.With. (60 kW) up to 201 l.With. (148 kW).

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