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Acura MDX 2014

by aboutweeks

The redesigned seven -seater SUV Acura MDX 2014 was shown last Monday at Detroit Car Exhibition, and now the car is offered with the drive to the front wheels and 3.5-liter engine V6.

During the press conference, representatives of Acura clearly noted that the aerodynamic MDX was just a prototype, but it believes that this model, as expected, will amaze official dillers by mid-2013, and looking at the MDX SUV we would say that the sample is close enough To the finished car.

Adding a drive to the front wheels to a traditionally all -wheel drive Acura MDX 2014 is a great movement to meet the needs of buyers who live in warm regions. 3.5 liters I-VTEC SOHC V6 promise to improve the working characteristics and fuel savings, but the exact number of horsepower and torque numbers were not voiced. The same engine is used in Acura TL and has 280 horsepower and 254 nm of torque.

The more streamlined MDX case not only looks good, but in Acura they say that it also increases aerodynamic efficiency by 16 percent. MDX height was reduced by ~ 5 centimeters, but the wheelbase was expanded to improve the working characteristics, offer more legs for the second row and more relaxed access to the third row.

World auto -beams are full of information that in order to continue to improve working characteristics, Acura representatives said that the MDX would receive the front and rear suspension of a whole new design, but the exact details were not presented at the Detroit car exhibition.

Safety technology will also be refreshed in the 2014 model and will include features such as the advanced body design, accessible advanced alerts, tracking the roadside, visibility technology, rear view chambers and tracking the alleys. The same on the 2014 Acura MDX will use active cruise control.

With all these features, Acura expects that the 2014 MDX will be awarded a five -star star in Krash tests.

The technology of entertainment and information transmission also receives a very necessary modernization in the 2014 MDX with the introduction of an improved Acuralink system.

The inside was not available to us on the Detroit show, but Acura also promised to improve luxury and comfort luxury.

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