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Icona vulcano – new generation supercar

by aboutweeks

The new Icona Vulcano is perhaps one of the most successful developments of the Icona Shanghai European design bureau and CeComp. And this is not surprising, because the creation of this hybrid car included a tremendous number of financial resources and engineering labor. Moreover, Claudio Lombardi, who once held the post of sports director of the world famous brand Lancia and worked for almost 10 years, a leading engineer in Ferrari, worked on the Icona Vulcano project. Such rich experience in the automotive industry allowed him to create two completely different, but at the same time extremely successful, Icona Vulcano models. So the novelty, according to developers, will be popular with lovers of trend beams.

The all -wheel drive version of the novelty was created on the basis of the old Lancia 037 Rally. In addition to a powerful 550-horsepower gasoline engine (for comparison: the engines of such power are equipped with road rinks and other powerful equipment) equipped with a screw compressor and drive the rear axle, and an electric motor is also present that supplies 90 kilowatts of power to the front wheels. The front axis of the machine is driven by a powerful 160-horsepower electric motor. Up to 100 km/h, the model is able to accelerate in 2.9 seconds.

The second modification of Icona Vulcano turned out to be rear -wheel drive, but this change did not at all deteriorate its technical characteristics. By and large, the novelty can even be called not a supercar, but a hypercar, since it is able to accelerate to 100 km/h in less than 2 seconds, which is very good for a car of this price segment. Distance of 400 meters Icona Vulcano from a place to overcome no more than 10 seconds.

A 12-cylinder atmospheric engine with a collapse angle of 65 degrees and a maximum of thrust of 650 nm develops a power of up to 790 horsepower, which even modern communal equipment can be envied, which, as a rule, also uses power units of high power. Together with it, an electric motor with a capacity of 160 “horses” also operates. Thus, the total installation power reaches a record mark – 950 liters. With. Both Icona Vulcano versions are equipped with internal combustion engines with a “dry” card located ahead of the longitudinal.

Judging by the statements of manufacturers, both modifications of this model can be ordered in official dealerships by the end of this year. Wait and see.

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