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Subaru sums up the outgoing year

by aboutweeks

The Auto Concert Subaru is known all over the world as a manufacturer of reliable and various cars that can satisfy the needs of different motorists.

There are options for housewives and business ladies in the line of models of Subaru, for businessmen and fans of fast driving, family cars and SUVs.

Today, buying Subaru SUV in Moscow and other cities is fashionable and prestigious. Such cars are popular around the world, gaining love and respect for motorists. But the car concern does not deprive the other buyers – fans of classic models. In 2012, the automaker released five completely new models that immediately attracted the attention of customers.

What new Subaru models this year were bought most often?

Subaru Forester 2012 many called “secondary”, since the model is a kind of repeat of the smolate model. Nevertheless, a stylish, classic crossover with an elegant design caused unprecedented demand among customers. Despite the greater competition in this market segment and the presence of a huge number of similar models, Subaru Forester 2012 managed to take leading positions in the sales lists. This is explained by the excellent operational characteristics of the model, its high reliability, and the convenience of management. Such models are especially popular among buyers of the northern part of Russia, where in the cold season the cross -country transport on roads is significantly complicated.

Another representative of the line of classic crossovers from the automaker is the new Subaru XV. A dynamic and aggressive model is designed for motorists who prefer outdoor activities, private off -road trips. The original design of the car is radically different from all other representatives of this segment. If most automakers in the production of crossovers rely on a strict and respectable design, then Subaru acts diametrically opposite, releasing an aggressive sports model. And this bet was winning, since, looking through the private ads of Moscow, you can see more and more people who want to purchase this particular unusual model.

Subaru pays a lot of attention to the technical characteristics of the produced models. All new products have unchanged quality, excellent performance characteristics. In combination with the original design and various configuration options, all these models become recognized leaders of the Russian and world automobile markets.

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