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Honda Fit EV 2013 Office photo characteristics

by aboutweeks

Honda Fit EV 2013 is an excellent resident of the city segment and today we will talk about all its pluses and minuses.

Honda Fit EV ride is smooth with a good management response, convenient and high -quality internal materials and reasonably designed fixed assets. Most drivers will have enough to ride D. But which drivers will not like the mode B more, which provides rapid acceleration and braking by the engine. In mode B, you can not use brakes at all – the car slows down quickly enough and linear.

In order to compare, Honda Fit EV is not quite consistent with Ford Focus EV, but Fit offers an incomparable visibility and flexible internal space for storing things.

What we did not like the most inside is a disgusting head device with navigation. The same was used in Civic and it is quite bad, with tiny buttons, illogical controls, slow response time and poor visibility from the sides. In addition, Honda forgot to equip the Fit header with the USB entrance, leaving only AUX and Bluetooth.

According to the manufacturer, Honda Fit EV can drive up to 94 kilometers in an electric mode alone, but we managed to drive only 83 kilometers, which is most likely associated with a high speed with which we moved. So the chip tuning and other improvements in such cars is a rarity.

But in general, if you live 20-30 kilometers from work and if you have a charger in the garage, then the car will be very attractive to you, because it is not not possible to pay for gasoline!

Of course, in terms of design, Fit EV did not go far from a simple FIT and except identification inscriptions "Fit EV" from below the doors it is especially different. But say that the body looks old – you can’t.

As soon as you turn the key in the ignition lock, it is still obvious that this is not an ordinary transmission. There is no noise of a starter or a machine rumble, just silence. When an inscription is displayed on the display "ready", You switch the program and just start moving. In general, a car for lazy, practical and economical people.

Honda Fit EV 2013.

Transmission: 92 kW electric motor, front -wheel drive.

Exit: an economic method for 63 horsepower, a normal way per 100 horsepower, a sports method for 123 horsepower, 189 nm.

Own weight: 1495 kg.

Consumption (city/track/mixed): 60 kilometers per 1 liter of fuel/48/54 – yes, less gasoline is consumed in the city!

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