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The main rules for choosing swimwear for different types of figures

by aboutweeks

The task of picking up a swimsuit for your type of figure is quite interesting and do not rush to make a final decision – you will find a really large range of products and will be curious to try to figure it out. It is worth starting a choice with alcohol swimsuits, because it is in the framework of this category that we see a large intake of interesting options. In addition, if the figure has disadvantages, then another option should not be considered absolutely – only forth swimsuits are suitable for you, and you can choose them on Brabrabra/.

But coat swimsuits are a large category, in the framework of which there are separate options. For example, a classic swimsuit with straps is called Mayo. This model is mentioned first because it is really universal – it is suitable for most of the women.

A little more bold model – the same swimsuit, but without straps. Removing the entire element from the swimsuit, as practice shows, significantly changes its style and really makes the model more bold. Such swimwear are called Bando and they are well suited for tall girls – visually this swimsuit will reduce your growth.

A swimsuit called the tank perfectly slings down the figure. The straps appear again here, but they are not sewn to the swimsuit, but it is part of it – this allows you to create a completely different impression.

All -stone straps may well be liked, so pay attention to this option.

Halter is another magnificent model that is supplemented by straps fastened around the neck, or tied here. With the help of such a swimsuit, you can configure the support of the chest and, due to the displacement of the straps closer to the neck, visually increase the shoulders – this will balance wide hips.

It is very good that now you can contact the Brabrabra store to purchase swimsuits – a really large range of products awaits you here. The possibility of sons is not doubtful in the original quality – you will be very pleased with the opportunity to make acquisition on the most favorable conditions. The range of products is simply huge, so you will need to thoroughly approach the choice. To do this faster, you can weed out swimwear according to the model, color, brand, size and cost. You have no reason to postpone the purchase of brand new swimsuits, especially since there are now models for any type of figure.

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