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Fiat Bravo is a small “athlete”

by aboutweeks

Fiat Latin American design, I could say to the impossible: modernize the Bravo compact to achieve a power of about 253 liters.With. Note that the concept of the sports version of Xtreme is already completely ready, moreover, it has already been presented on the auto exhibition in San Paulo.

The potential capabilities of the machine are issued by a new form of bumpers (with carbon fiber elements), a radiator grille and alloy wheels. Now the appearance of Bravo is much more aggressive. It should also be said that instead of a continuous rear sofa, two separate seats are installed for passengers.

Under the hood of the novelty, you can see a power unit of 1.4 liters from the T-Jet line. As mentioned a little higher, its power reaches 253l.With., with a peak torque of 332nm. The charged Bravo received new shock absorbers and springs, which, as a result, reduced the entire suspension by 5mm.

Whether the model will enter serial production is not yet known ..

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