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Food for sex

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Food for sex

The significance of intimacy in our lives is obvious, and it is no secret that couples that have reached complete harmony and mutual understanding in this subtle aspect are happy for many years. That is why sex, as well as everything connected with it, cannot but worry people who want to make their lives more saturated and full -blooded. In particular, nutrition for sex is also considered important in this case, since what we eat for food acts directly on all physiological processes in our body.

Proper nutrition for sex:

In general, it can be said that nutrition for sex helps to enhance sexual function, and also helps to increase the general tone and even mood. It is no coincidence that the so -called aphrodisiacs that improve potency and increase libido are considered to be classical nutrition for sex.

The main “power” of power for sex is a high protein content. Meat and milk food, and to a greater extent seafood, are quite rich in proteins to ensure normal balance in the body, largely contributing to sexual activity.

However, in this case, moderation is extremely important, since nutrition for sex should in no way be too abundant, which would cause only severity throughout the body and drowsiness. Therefore, with normal nutrition for sex, a reasonable combination of protein foods with fresh vegetables that give a feeling of saturation is recommended, but, at the same time, lightness.


In addition, nutrition for sex should contribute to good vitaminization of the body. Vitamins and amino acids contained in dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits make the body resistant to all kinds of pathogenic bacteria, contribute to endurance and rapid restoration of forces.

Of course, nutrition for sex should not be monotonous so that the correct balance and normal metabolism are observed in the body. For example, beneficial fats and antioxidants can be obtained using the first pressing olive oil in food, and vital trace elements in power for sex can be gleaned from sprouted wheat grains and other cereals.

Basically, nutrition for sex can be generally called nutrition for health, since the normal sexual function of an adult is also determined by the general state of his body. Using a power scheme for sex as the main one, you can also significantly improve life tone, strengthen your health, make your dream full, and most importantly – achieve unprecedented achievements on a married bed, which will become a good basis for a strong and happy marriage.

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