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Citro?N ds9

by aboutweeks

Just our editorial office received photos of the new Citro car?N from the DS line. Representatives of the French automobile magazine managed to take several new pictures of the flagship model of the DS line, on which there is completely no protective camouflage.

The fact that the car was so quickly tracked down, there is nothing surprising, since Citro representatives?N carried out official photography on the Consent Square, which is one of the most famous attractions of Paris.

The French magazine says that the concept depicted in the photo is likely to be named DS9, which should debut at the Beijing International Motor Show next month.

It was previously assumed that the novelty would be similar to the concept of Metropolis, but as it turned out, these models have nothing to do with. The car is made in the back of fastback, that is, it is a continuation of the DS line, as well as the less modern models of the company – CX, XM and C6.

We still do not know what plans Citro has?n relative this concept, but the company said that she wanted to expand the DS line with a flagship model.

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