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The ideas of manicure

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Ideas of manicure 2013

In the search for ideas for manicure for the upcoming season, designers take into account the general trends of fashion, create options that will become an ideal addition to the main outfit, will harmoniously fit into the image of a modern lady.

This year was no exception, all interesting offers from famous masters are ideal for styles that are now favorites.

What are the ideas for the 2013 manicure?

In several fashion shows, the fingers of fashion models decorated the nails of dark blue and black. It is amazing that such a manicure harmoniously complemented absolutely dissimilar styles. Of course, this option is perfect for those who like to create romantic Gothic images or choose bold and bright outfits in punk style with blue and pink wigs. However, this dark manicure looked harmoniously with the bright models of the Vera Wang collection, gentle, feminine dresses from Marchesa in pastel shades.


The most popular with designers this year was white. Stylists considered that this option perfectly refreshes the female image, makes it more tender, spring. Such a manicure is especially harmonious complemented by puppet makeup, with pink lips and a hairstyle created from light curls.

As last year, the desire to use as many natural shades as possible in creating images. That is why the varnish of natural color was so popular, which is almost invisible on the plates, but when performing perfect makeup, it perfectly emphasizes the beauty of nails. In fashion collections, this manicure is remarkably combined with any clothing.

This year, designers decided to make the image of a woman luxurious, shining. For this, the manicure uses a pearl varnish, which makes a manicure independent decoration, so stylists advise not to overload the image with additional jewelry. Massive bracelets and rings will replace silver or gold manicure.

Two -color manicure continues its movement towards fashionable Olympus. Flower combinations this year are truly discouraging. For example, at the Peter SOM collections, an option was presented in which the base was painted in delicate mint color, and at the tips there was a bright orange. All stylists also noted the interesting finding of Tracy Reese, in which the nails are painted in one color, and on the tip of the nail a triangle is performed in contrasting color. One of the trends was the original manicure of the “Shark Bite” from The Blonds, which has a black base and a sharp snow -white edge.

The ideas of manicure

And what kind of manicure this year do you do for yourself? What ideas will you use?

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