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Perfect skin with ultrasound peeling

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Ultrasonic peeling

Ultrasonic peeling implies skin cleaning, that is, cleansing the skin from keratinized skin cells, cells in the life of cells and the release of sebaceous and sweat glands. This procedure is especially relevant for people with fat oily and porous skin.

The procedure itself is not so complicated. After cleansing the skin of the face, special mineral water or gel is applied, which can be selected according to the type of skin, and the surface of the skin surface with a special ultrasonic spatula begins. In this case, you can only hear a small buzz. The skin during the procedure is not injured and after two hours you can already apply makeup or go to the holiday.

The benefits of ultrasound peeling:

The advantage of ultrasound peeling is that in addition to cleansing the pores and removing dead skin cells, you get micromassage of the facial tissue. During the procedure, the exposure to heat and due to this effect, blood circulation, as well as venous and lymph flow, is increased. The swelling of the face and eyelids subsides. Due to ultrasound peeling and the effects that it gives, the work of the sebaceous glands is established, which is very good in the presence of problem skin.

After the procedure, a mask and final cream are applied. Due to a sufficiently deep cleaning of pores and the descending of the stratum cornea, the effect of the mask and cream is stronger, due to deeper penetration. Ultrasonic peeling can be performed quite often, because the procedure is sparing, and with it there is no danger of inflammation or skin defects, as, for example, with mechanical cleaning.

Ultrasonic peeling

Ultrasound peeling also has contraindications – it is individual intolerance, pustular rashes at the venue of the procedure, herpes, increased bleeding and thyroid disease.

At the same time, of course, it is impossible to say that such ultrasonic cleaning is better than a mechanical. Each procedure has its pros and cons of. During ultrasonic cleaning, you can not remove pustules or conglobate acne, and with a mechanical one, you can. In turn, ultrasound removes keratinized skin cells better. The choice of any procedure depends not only on your desire, but also on the problem of the skin and the appointments of a cosmetologist. Therefore, before making this or that procedure, it is best to get a consultation of a cosmetologist who will make the necessary skin diagnosis and select suitable procedures to solve problems.

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