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Audi A8 Security Car Description

by aboutweeks

If it comes to an armored car, it should not be said about the cost, financial costs and fuel consumption. Here the main priority is human protection.

Audi A8 Security is a nine -toned pile of iron surrounding the insides of a luxurious salon. It should be noted the presence of a monolithic plate on the roof capable of withstanding two grenades of the DM51 type. The third will probably not have time to quit first of all thanks to a 12-cylinder W-shaped power unit with a capacity of 500 horsepower with a volume of 6.3 liters. Confidence will add a permanent all -wheel drive, ready to support regardless of extreme situations. By the way, the model fits into the framework of the European class of protection and meets them in all respects.

Behind the norms of the current GOSTs, the ability to resist the most famous NATO military weapons and the former Warsaw Treaty states are hidden. This is confirmed by the protection against three shots with armor -piercing bullets of M61 caliber 7.62×51 mm, emanating from the Heckler und Koch G3 rifle. The ballistic test procedure implies such shots precisely in an equilateral triangle located on the window. True European equipment in Russia is rarely used. Class B7+ is designed to stop the armor-piercing-enforcing bullet of the B-32 brand released from the domestic rifle of the SVD.

It is important to give a report that a car with an extensive glazing area cannot prevent an attack from any small arms. This is not required, because the main task is considered to be protecting from the bullets in time and quickly take the guarded face from the attack zone. In case of short contact with fire, this is almost one of the decisive factors of survival.

In any case, qualified security will not allow ruthlessly and purposefully to hammer in the motorcade. In order to get the impossibility of catching up the car, Audi is experiencing all serial specimens of Security at the former military airfield “Gross-Doln”, not far from Berlin-the effective use of anti-muds is conducted here as part of the Audi Security Driving Experience training.

It’s time to get acquainted with the internal space. Sitting, closing the door behind him, you will need to be careful, since the door with an impressive mass of 300 kg of the driver will not feel. So, one click of the castle instead of regular two immediately locks the “gate”, after which there is absolute silence and separation from the noise of the external space. The silence can be disturbed by opening slowly sliding glass with an electric drive lever.

A powerful motor is quite vigorously dispersing a heavy machine. At this moment, the hungry bass of a six -liter unit hardly seeps into the bowels of the passenger compartment with light crushing expensive plastic. Due to the unusual frames, the front stands of the body were noticeably “obscured”, hinting at the mediocre visibility of all armored vehicles. The differences from the serial sample are presented in the form of extreme modes, which imply atrophy sensation of speed and anticipation of demolition. This is replaced by unconvincing confidence in the sports capabilities of “Security”. Big inertia swallows poor -quality asphalt and small errors in controllability, subject to control only to a professional. Therefore, the branded training course from “Audi” should be recorded in the basic configuration.

VIP passenger, lounging in the tree and skin of a prestigious salon, enjoy the advantages of a mini-bar and a massage built into a chair. Also, the service of the owner is offered a separate climate management and an entertainment audio system.

An attacker, rapidly attacker from close range, runs the risk of finding. From a longitudinal point, the chances of impressing the car surrounded by escort are minimal. The optimal option in this case is the stop of the motorcade, and this is very not easy to do. The merit of this is the Michelin tires with a dimension of 245/700 with the technology of the Rah, which retains performance with a broken wheel. A engine with a dissected and empty cooling radiator should be enough for an emergency removal of an important passenger from the firing territory.


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