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Alpina 6 Series Grancoupe

by aboutweeks

These are the first spy photos of the upcoming BMW 6-Series Grancoupe from the legendary Alpina studio.

After the premiere show at the International Motor Show in Geneva, B3 and XD3 models based on 3-SERIES and X3, Alpina engineers were engaged in the development of the Update program for 6-SERIES Grancoupe, which will be presented in September at the Motracfurt Motrassalon.

Apparently Alpina will use version 650i, which in its standard performance involves 450 liters.With. (330 kW) and 650 nm of torque generated by a 4.4-liter twein-turbo engine V8.

As expected, the engine will be redesigned, which will allow, according to rumors, to achieve a output power of 540 horsepower.

Also, the car will receive a changed exterior design. In particular, a new front part, four exhaust pipes, new wheels and rear spoiler will appear. Interior design will be performed in the best traditions Alpina.

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