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Fiat 500L – a new car presented by the company

by aboutweeks

With an old model, a new one is almost nothing. She became completely new, added in its size. Punto model platform formed the basis. In fact, the Italians want to present us compactway, which has already been discussed more than once earlier.

1.66 m at 1.78 by 4.14 – these were the dimensions of this car. But it turned out much larger compared to other brands of about the same class. But there is a high probability that Italians are already working on a modification that will be ten centimeters longer. In its class, this model will definitely be able to become one of the leaders in the spaciousness of the salon. They say that even the seven -seater version will soon go on sale.

1.3 – a liter turbodiesel, 1.4 – a gasoline atmospheric and a 0.9 liter marvelous – this choice will be offered customers who will want to purchase a machine. At the Geneva Motor Show, it will be possible to find out more details about the new product.

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