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Audi R8 Spyder

by aboutweeks

Audi did not greatly classify the updated version of the R8 supercar. This time, the novelty in the SPYDER body was extended by our photographers-spys.

We expect that the updated supercar will debut at the end of this year, namely at a car dealership in Paris. Sales should begin at the end of the year, as a model of 2013. This will be the largest update R8 from the moment the car is launched in 2006.

However, you should not expect big changes in the design of the exterior of the supercar, since in a few years the second generation R8 will enter the market in the market. Designers only made small changes, thereby eliminating visible shortcomings.

In the photographs, we can see that the car received new LED headlights that look like such E-Tron Spyder concept.The front bumper and the radiator grill were also changed. A new optics appeared in the back of the supercar.

The main mechanical innovation will be the appearance of a double clutch gearbox, which will replace the long -suffering R Tronic. The engines line will remain the same, only fuel efficiency will be improved and power is increased.

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