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Fashionable autumn hats 2015

by aboutweeks

Preparing for the cold season, every girl is looking for a good version of the autumn cap. The collection presented on the shelves of the store drives crazy with their versatility and diversity. It is important to choose a hat for your type of face, for your style of clothes, as well as find exactly the one that will protect from the wind, cold and snow. Today, shops buying knitted hats in bulk are able to provide a wide selection of all kinds of models at affordable prices.

A hat is a unique accessory that can complement the image with its presence, and some models can destroy the perfect ensemble. Fashion designers represent a huge number of different options on their shows. They draw inspiration in past fashion. Retro style increasingly fits into the current fashion.

The leading positions in the fashion industry of hats are occupied by caps of large and fine knitting. Regarding tones, then give preference to calm colors. So that the hat does not take all your beauty and does not distract attention from your face. Strip hats – undoubted trend of this season. Girls with round faces of Beauty Guru were offered options with ears, they migrated from the fashion of past seasons. Together with them, hats with a veil hit the new season.

In addition to the usual hats, feminine berets are recognized as stylish. The modest fashion of this season advises to select stiff models made in calm tones. Particular black and white berets are especially successful. The brighter the white color of the beret, the higher you are on the pedestal of the fashionable Olympus. Do not dwell on faded colors, choose coal-black or crystal white colors.

For lovers of sports style, too, there is an ideal option for an autumn headdress – stylish caps. Warm materials and amazing colors. Semicircular models advise to wear below the level of eyebrows.

An interesting option for last season recognized hats with pompon. You can congratulate bright representatives of this current. You are still in trend. Stylish, coquettish and mischievous – you can express all this in an unpretentious bubon. Adult judicious people sometimes need to relax so much, and will return to childhood – such a hat will be a great opportunity to return to joyful adolescence.

Designers did not forget about snoods. Snud is an original accessory that is a warm strip that is very similar to a scarf, but dressed on the head. Here, models, knitting, and materials are presented in a huge version. The same rules for color solutions are a huge field for choosing the perfect option.

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