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BMW 4 Series Grancoupe

by aboutweeks

Most Europeans are looking forward to this spring, while many automakers are trying to use the last days of winter, conducting tests in cold weather.

BMW engineers, for example, took out the Gran Coupe version of the upcoming 4-Series for the snowy roads of Sweden, where you can profitably buy a solution. The new 4-Series is aimed at competition with Audi A5 and S5.

Within the framework of the new BMW line, it will release many varieties of cars. Following the compartment and convertible, Bavarians began to test the four-door sports coupe-4-Series Gran Coupe.

The future car will be offered with the same engines as the usual compartment, that is, customers will be offered to choose four engine – two gasoline units and two diesel. The most powerful version of 435i with a capacity of 306 horsepower will be.

Obviously, after some time, the Bavarian automaker will bring to the market and the charged modification of the M4 Coupe Gran, which should impose the struggle of the Audi S5.

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