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Cherry Lights Safety are above all

by aboutweeks

Almost five years have passed since the acceptance of the amendment to the Russian SDA on the need to use running lights in the daytime. Discussions associated with innovations have long noisily, and drivers were divided into two categories: the former use the near light, the latter use real running lights.

Pros and cons

The position of the first group of drivers is understandable: why spend money on installing additional lighting devices if the legislation allows the use of existing? In fact, such a savings are not at all profitable. There are two reasons for.

First, it is the most important: security. Of course, traveling with the lights on close headlights is safer than not to turn on the lighting at all. But if you compare the nearby headlights and daytime running lights, the first is unequivocally losing. The thing is that in the first case, the driver traveling from behind will be much more difficult to recognize a blinking turn signal, which may well cause an accident.

Another reason is that close headlights consume much more energy than specialized day lamps. Since fuel is used to generate electricity in the car, its flow rate depends on the lighting used. At short distances, the difference will be too small so that it can be taken into account. But when recalling several hundred thousand kilometers, which the car overcomes sooner or later, a noticeable amount is running. Even if in a few years you will sell your car, the funds invested in it will increase its value.

The experience of developed countries

Four years have passed since the UN UN has completely banned the release of new cars not equipped with daily running lights. Such requirements are not yet implied to the Asian manufacturers, but they are increasingly equipping their products with this useful addition.

The need to include headlights in the daytime at the legislative level appeared in the Scandinavian countries in the seventies. The reason for this decision was a lack of natural light in the cold season. A similar picture can be observed in the northern regions of Russia. After years of research and discussions on this subject, Europe was intercepted by Europe, followed by the CIS countries.

Installation of running lights justifies itself from any point of view. This is evidenced by the experience of developed countries and the statistics of an accident collected in decades.

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