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Basal implantation of teeth

by aboutweeks

Basal implantation is an installation structure from implants. Implants can vary in size, structure, material and shape. The installation of a structure from implants can be carried out by several options, in one option, implants in the design can be installed at an angle, which will ensure an increase in the area of ​​contact with the bone and the possibility of enhanced load, reports /419.HTML.

Today, the classic method of installing implants is especially popular, this installation method can be called a full -fledged surgical operation, after which, as a rule, the patient returns to normal after a couple of days. Basal implantation of tooths is carried out by slightly other less painful methods. In the process of installing implants, artificial roots are installed by puncture of fabrics, this method of installing implants allows you to reduce the rehabilitation period at times and at the same time the method allows you to reduce the level of trauma.

After the basal implantation of teeth, the patient may feel quite comfortable, about a day the pain passes, and swelling and unpleasant sensations decrease. The main advantage of balloon implantation is that it is possible to get completely new teeth in a short period of time and will return to a normal lifestyle in a couple of days.

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