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The main rules for choosing coffee

by aboutweeks

Today it is difficult to imagine our daily to be without an invigorating coffee drink. His history in Russia began back in 1665, when, according to legend, one doctor prescribed the Russian king to use it as a drug. A huge contribution to the distribution of customs to drink coffee in Russian provinces was made by Peter 1, appreciating all the charms of this marvelous elixir of life.

“Real” coffee has an incredible stimulating effect. But it is possible to get it only from high -quality coffee beans of fresh grinding. Recently, grains of various varieties of coffee have become able to buy in almost every store. And in this regard, a logical question arose – how to correctly choose the basis for your coffee drink? Experts recommend paying attention to the four main points that include:

A variety of coffee;

ways of frying it;

grinding of grains;


Arabica or robust?

There are two main varieties of coffee and, first of all. You should decide between them. Arabica grows on the Arabian coffee tree. Due to the abundance in the composition of grains of various oils, the taste of such coffee is the most saturated.

Robus variety grows on a Congolese tree. Without additional processing of its grain, they will greatly bitter. But the caffeine in them is more about twice as in the grains of arabic.

Some manufacturers, such as Jacobs, supply, in addition to individual species, their mixed options. This composition allows you to feel the amazing taste of arabica and get an amazing dose of vigor from robuses at the same time.

Choosing a frying method

According to what methodology young coffee fruits were fried, has the main effect on the final taste. The degree of frying is usually indicated on the packaging of good coffee.

Weak fry (Scandinavian) – grains acquire a very delicate aroma and taste. The color of the drink will be light brown.

Middle fry (Vienna) – saturates coffee with a sweet taste and makes it brown with a shade of chocolate.

Strong roasting (French)-will be a little bitter, and the color will become dark brown.

Very strong (Italian) – allows you to get the darkest color of coffee. Allows you to get a bitter, invigorating drink.

Crouping grains

After grinding, coffee gradually begins to change its taste. It is best to cook it at once. Powder coffee is sold in stores with varying degrees of grinding.

Large – the size of the grains is about 0.8 mm. Ideal for brewing in a French press.

Average – universal size.

Thin – preparing faster than the rest. Most often used in coffee machines.


Before you purchase coffee, you should pay attention to the packaging and read the composition. There should not be any third -party impurities. Arabica can be easily distinguished from robuses by eye. Its grains are larger and have a clear groove in the middle. Their color with frying will always be uniform.

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