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Eco -leggings Auto -Chekholi – modern technologies for the benefit of a car

by aboutweeks

Artificial skin is made by applying a film coating on a fabric base. Previously, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) was used for these purposes, into which plasticizers and stabilizers were introduced to achieve higher plasticity, which gave the material resistance to sunlight. These additives are not environmentally friendly substances. Today in the production, polyurethane is used, which is environmentally friendly material, due to which, created with its help, artificial leather is environmentally friendly – eco -leather.

Thus, it turns out that the carcass from eco -leather is absolutely not allergens, and besides, they also breathe. The fact is that such artificial leather is produced using technology, which implies the formation of the film penetrating through and through. This feature not only passes the air, but also absorbs moisture perfectly, the covers do not harden in the frost, and in the heat they do not overheat, which is a very significant factor. Such a material is always warm to the touch, in addition, it does not distinguish any harmful substances, does not smell and does not create a “greenhouse effect”, PVC cannot have these characteristics.

Due to the fact that the eco -leather is even, soft, greatly glues and sews, it is very easy to work with it, that is, when sewing cases for cars, really high -quality things that can last a long time and at the same time beautiful.

If you compare eco -leather with natural, even in this case it wins. Firstly, it is made in even cuts, which allows you to conveniently work with it. Secondly, there are no flaws on its surface, which is often found on natural options.

Initially, eco -leather was created as an inexpensive option that could perfectly imitate genuine skin, but modern technologies allow not only to perfectly simulate a natural texture, but also to give artificial skin properties that are not characteristic of a natural analogue.

Undoubtedly, any car owner can buy an eco -leather car and make the right choice. Based on the above, we can say with confidence that such things are not only able to serve for a long time, they give comfort when operating. No car owner will abandon such characteristics of covers, which is why they are very popular today.

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