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Pyrotechnic show

by aboutweeks

Pyrotechnic show is not just a colorful show, it is a lever with the help of which a special status of the event is fixed by strong impact on the audience. And not surprising, because the impressions of such a spectacle are unforgettable.

Some pyrotechnic paintings can be safely called a real work of art, striking the originality of the idea and the complexity of the performance. Pyrotechnic show is an international tradition that has not lost its relevance for many years, despite its considerable cost. Both children and adults with the same impatience wait for hundreds of colorful lights that create a special festive enthusiastic mood in the sky.

But once it was customary to marked military victories with salutes. In the territory of the former Soviet Union, this tradition was revived during the Great Patriotic War. Salute became a symbol of the triumph and was designed to strengthen in man a civil self -awareness and patriotic feelings.

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