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Audi S7 2012 First Spy Pictures

by aboutweeks

Audi S7 2012 – the first spy pictures

Audi S7, Audi A7 Sports Brother, was noticed for the first time. And which place can be better for testing sports Audi ? Of course, the famous Nürburgring highway.

Audi S7 will receive the same mode as all other s models of Audi, a sports front bumper with large air intakes, large wheels and brakes and, of course, four exhaust. Still, the capacity under the hood to increase, how long it is unknown.

A7 should enter the market at the end of this year, but Audi will most likely delay the production of the S7 model for about 12 months. Given this, you can expect the Audi S7 debut, at the Frankfurt car dealership in 2011.

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