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The main cosmetics for a modern girl

by aboutweeks

One of the doctors of the medical sciences, which is a famous Russian doctor derme of venereology and plastic surgery, claims that in the plumbing room of young ladies there should be at least several shelves designed to store various balms, shampoos, and t.D.

The main tasks of the most necessary items

Relief of laying and washing curls is the main task of modern girls. It is useless to spend certain money on the latest news of the so -called “rejuvenation”, daily at all kinds of sales, in boutiques and many other trading places, do not need.

It is better to visit a cosmetics store and with the help of sellers/consultants involved in various sales to choose natural, original, body scrubs, shower gels, air conditioners, and other excellent cosmetics.

Regular customers are provided with 30-50% discount. Different promotions are held daily. Price list.

Life needs

The main formula for guidance of a very beautiful, bright, stylish appearance, which has great importance for the girl and her immediate environment, is constantly helping to solve all kinds of perfumery/cosmetic products. After watching the catalog carefully, choose your own option of relevant needs!

The main segments of the cosmetic market

In the coming years, very wide global changes can significantly affect the change in the world demand of a certain group of goods intended for Russian manufacturers and their foreign colleagues for personal hygiene:

1. Increase in sales;

2. Ecological problems;

3. Expansion of the concept of health and beauty;

4. Increasing the ethical level;

5. Adaptation of goods to modern, time -tested consumer needs.

Would you like to choose the best cosmetic products for your daughter, sisters or nieces? Please pay attention!

If girls have a strong need, as well as in the presence of excessive hair loss or dandruff, managers who receive orders in a special working mode, you can always order special shampoos, and many other cosmetics designed to treat seborrhea of ​​the skin of the head and many other diseases of the 21st century.

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