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Ford Focus 2 The choice of white collar and just practical modern people

by aboutweeks

Car forums are teeming with questions about choosing a reliable and unpretentious machine that would cost access and look modern. Of course, no one will argue about the leadership of the Koreans in this niche, they tried well and provided themselves with a niche for the next few years. But everything changes when it comes to cars over 5 years old and with no longer a mileage. Here, without suspecting it, engineers from Ford have already proved themselves.

Focus 2 has a simple design, concise and stylish design, sufficient gamut of engines. Among them 1.4 liter gasoline engine for 80 forces, as well as 1 -sized motors 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 liter for 110 120 and 145 forces, respectively. Diesel versions for 1.6 and 2 liters issuing 90, 110 and 140 forces. Simple and maintainable they are also installed in more fresh versions, so you should not be surprised if the repair of the Ford C-Max starter will cost as much as the 10-year-old car service. Simple motors, whatever electronics on them, depending on the configuration, do not experience any problems, eating our fuel.

They are unpretentious and on the body. Extended wheeled arches reliably prevent the hollow from the wheels on the body, so you can rarely observe corrosion on them, especially on restyled versions that have gone since 2007. Large head headlights provide a dense directional bunch of light, so even in basic versions without xenon there are no problems for the owners during night driving. Note drivers and convenient large rear view mirrors. The unloaded design of the machine looks quite appropriate and now.

The leitmotif of style and simplicity is continued in the cabin. Convenient 4 speaker steering wheel with pseudo -reeling inserts is supplemented by designing a dashboard and air ducts. Structural plastic, albeit hard, but looks appropriate and does not cause problems in the form of “crickets”. Together with a well-tuned multi-link, driving such a car and going in it as a passenger is a pleasure, although this is not a big business class sedan.

Of course, cars have weaknesses. For example, crankshaft sensors often suffer, the rear suspension in terms of repair is not very affordable in prices. However, the positive qualities of the car block all its shortcomings, which, by the way, are not deprived of other cars in this price category.

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