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DIY Men’s Men’s Haircuts

by aboutweeks

Nowadays, both women and men are trying to keep up with fashion to look beautiful and stylish. To do this, they spend a lot of time and money on good and high -quality clothes. But not only in clothes there is a good appearance. A good hairstyle is another pointer of the fact that a man is watching himself and pays attention to the appearance. Unfortunately, completely few men can be drawn to a consultation to a stylist who will pay attention and help to cut off as it should. In other cases, men simply go to the hairdresser, where they are provided with services. True, in most cases, no one will fool his head with a question whether a haircut is suitable for you or not. In order not to be among the majority, you need to know a couple of tips that will become necessary to select a suitable haircut.

Men with a round face are well suited haircuts, in which the hair volume is well preserved. In addition, whiskey should be spent medium, and if a man has a high forehead, he simply and quickly he is hidden by a bang, however, it should not be long.

A guys with an oblong face is perfect for short hair, without a clear parting in the middle. Best of all, if you disguise your forehead with a foul -filled bang. So your head will look more harmonious and attractive.

Square face requires long and straight temples. If there is a desire, long hair perfectly burns corners, but such a hairstyle attracts only some guys.

The triangular face is well disguised as equally even throughout the head with hair combed in different directions. A prerequisite is considered the presence of bangs, but if you do not have a short nose.

Based on such rules, we can talk about which haircuts can be done independently at home. The most common option is the hairstyle “to zero”, when almost all the hair shakes off the head or remain, preserving only the minimum length. In addition, haircuts are very popular when Vitek haircuts come to the rescue, while the hair throughout the head remain the same length. In rare cases, hair is left in the middle a little longer. But here it is important to remember that such a haircut is suitable only for men who have the correct shape of the skull and facial features. In other cases, even hair will only attract attention, and focus on flaws.

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