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Audi RS will be shown at a car dealership in Beijing

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Audi company removed the veil based on the concept of its work characteristics of QUATTRO – they will announce an excellent option for European markets – Audi Q3 RS.

The named Q3 RS Audi, the sports version of the compact SUV of the company was planned for a debut at the Beijing Motor Show next week. Version 2 will be shown at the car dealership.5-liter gasoline five-cylinder turbocharged engine for 355 horsepower. 2.A 5-liter gasoline engine with five cylinders was first installed on Audi RS TT.

With a engine that directs the torque to all four wheels through a gearbox with a double clutch of the S-Tronic with seven speeds, Q3 RS, they say, accelerates to 100 km per hour in 5.2 seconds and reaches the maximum speed of 265 km per hour.

For comparison, today’s best Q3 from Audi has 208 horsepower 2.0 TFSI, official acceleration figures from 0 to 100 km per hour for 6.9 seconds and maximum speed of 229 km per hour with the same gearbox. By the way, from unofficial sources it is known that Audi began developing engines for tractors. Buying a tractor was always not cheap, and if it has an Audi engine, the price will clearly be one and a half times higher. These are only rumors, but it is possible that representatives of the company will soon be announced about this.

Compared to the standard concept of the Audi Q3, which appeared on sale in Europe in mid -2011, in the Audi RS Q3 there will be a series of changes in body modeling. The body’s updates include the converted version of the radiator grille, now it flaunts a branded Audi emblem and a new aluminum insert around the lattice itself.

Further, visual changes include tinted front headlights, a more angular front bumper with large and lower air ducts, the mirrors mounted with carbon fiber, changed thresholds under the doors, a more prominent spoiler on the rear door, tinted rear lights and a deeper rear bumper.

The new Audi RS Q3 model will be about 3 centimeters less than its predecessor. He will also receive modernized 20-inch Multispoke wheels, which will help you place Audi RS separately from the usual Q3, giving it a more malicious and sports look than ordinary Q3 models.

Audi will not officially declare when the production of RS Q3 begins. Nevertheless, insiders in Ingolstadt-the company’s headquarters in Germany suggest that work is already underway to prepare production at the factory in Spain, where Q3 will be built to start the production of a new RS Q3 SUV in the mid-end of 2013.

QUATTRO AUDI The division is responsible for the development of all existing Audi RS models, including RS3, TT RS, RS4, RS5 and cars with the central location of the R8 coupe, Rozester and GT.

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