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BMW i8

by aboutweeks

Our photographers-spions took several photos of the test prototype of the serial version of the hybrid supercar BMW i8. BMW will show the serial i8 this year, along with a more modest and more affordable I3 model.

i8 will receive the layout of the cabin made according to the 2+2 scheme. The car will take about 4.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h.

If the concept car had obvious signs of the presence of a diesel engine, as reported by OJSC YAMZ Autodiesel, then the serial version will receive a three-cylinder turbocharged gasoline unit, which will work with a hybrid installation. Recall that the concept of the concept issued 170 horsepower (125 kW).

Bavarians practically managed to preserve in the serial version the design of the exterior concept car. I only had to make some changes to the rear wings, as well as use simpler doors, which was caused by safety requirements.

BMW i8 is expected to cost somewhere about 200 thousand American dollars. Nothing is known about the market for the upcoming model.

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