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Piling-slot for the face

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Facial peeling sloping refers to the varieties of cosmetic cleansing agents, allowing to eliminate peeling, pollution from the skin, prevent the clogging of pores, the appearance of acne. The result of such exfoliation is a healthy fresh complexion.

What is a peeling slot?

Analyzing the principle of action of pilingstatka, you can determine what it is and what result should be expected. To cleanse the skin from dead cells and contaminants, not abrasive particles are used, but varieties of acids that have a milder effect. Such a composition allows you to understand how the face sling works:

Acids soften the horn layer, contributing to the delicate removal.

Further actions involve the rolling of the remains of the product along with the pollution into small lumps that are easily removed from the skin.

The formation of the rollers is facilitated by the presence of acrylates – cellulose fibers.

Why do peeling?

The renewal of epidermal cells is a continuous process, therefore it is necessary to timely clean the surface layers of dead scales that can cause blockage of pores, the development of inflammation and acne rash.

The cosmetic procedure solves the problem – exfoliation, which involves mechanical cleaning of the skin. Among its varieties, piling-sloping is secure and universality, allowing you to clean

even sensitive skin covers.

Indications for this procedure:

wilting leather;

the appearance of early wrinkles;

Faced complexion;



scars left after the treatment of acne;

excessive production of skin fat;

Pronounced peeling.

Advantages of face ropes

With competent conduct, causing harm to the skin is excluded;

The recovery period is not required;

Pilling slopes belong to the category of budget cosmetics;

The purification procedure is available for independent execution at home;

used for different types of skin;

There is a quick receipt of a favorable result;

In addition to cleansing the face, the drugs additionally have anti -inflammatory, nutritious, moisturizing effects.

Among the shortcomings, it is noted that this procedure cannot be used for deep cleansing of the face, removing only surface pollution. When exposure time exceeds, burns are possible.

How to use a pyling pink for a face?

When cleansing the skin with peeling with the effect of the roll, a number of rules are observed:

The skin must be completely freed from makeup and wiped with a tonic.

The product without excessive pressure with fingertips is distributed over dry skin of the face, focusing on massage lines. Sites near the mouth and around the eyes are left free.

For two minutes, the product should dry a little, while a natural light tingling is felt, indicating the beginning of the purification process.

Then for about 2-3 minutes all processed zones massage in the direction from the hair line to the chin.

Perform actions without stretching the skin and excessive pressure on it while small spools appear. Wash off them with warm water.

A nutrient or moisturizer used in ordinary practice is applied to the skin.

With the systematic conduct of cleansing measures, on average after 2 months, the following positive result is observed:

purification of pores;

pulling the contour of the face;

lightening pigmentation;

alignment of the skin shade;

the appearance of freshness;

Restoration of elasticity.

For 12 hours after the end of peeling, it is not recommended to use decorative cosmetics. When going out into the street, a special sunscreen is used for a week.

The frequency of cleaning the event depends on the features of the skin. If they are sensitive, then it is enough to do a peeling slot every 14 days. For oily skin, it is recommended to practice procedures once or twice a week.


Despite the sparing impact on the skin, on the procedures based on the use of peeling-sling, there are certain contraindications:

open wounds;

Exacerbation of herpes;


leather leather;


foci of inflammation;

excessive sagging;


To exclude an allergic reaction, a previously small volume of the selected agent is maintained for 35-40 minutes on the wrist or forearm. Lack of redness, itching, rash will indicate the safety of the composition.

Overview of the best peels – TOP 4

Among the variety of types of peeling-sloping, one can distinguish several options that are popular and demonstrate a quick favorable result:

Organic peeling – Pyunkang vul peeling gel sling moisturizing with betain

The innovative remedy from South Korea, recommended by the association of dermatologists of this country, thanks to natural composition, carefully eliminates keratinized particles, activates metabolic processes at the cellular level. Betain, part of the structural formula, ensures the relief of irritation and inflammation, intensifies regeneration. Allantoin allows you to regulate the functions of the sebaceous glands, cleanses the pores. Urea accelerates softening of the stratum corneum. Cvalternium-60 helps moisturize and enhances the protective mechanism, reducing the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Peeling GEL Pilling Skatka Probiotic and ANA-PLANCES FUNPLENTION VELVET

The effective tool quickly removes the keratinized skin layer, lights up pigmentation, smooths out scars after acne, reduces pores, activates collagen synthesis. The Bacillus Ferment probiotic, which is present in the chemical structure, ensures the saturation of the epidermis with useful compounds. Ana -acids – glycolic, milk, lemon contribute to moisture, increased skin elasticity, activate tissue regeneration. Read more about Velvet-Spa peeling

Mizon Apple Smooth Peeling Gel apple peeling sling – moisturizing, even skin tint

The natural composition of the South Korean agent provides not only the effective purification of the dermis, but also high -quality moisturizing, nutrition. Lemon juice, hoods of neroli are toned, rejuvenating, tightening, brightening effect is exerted. Panich gypsophila, cellulose, papaya ensure the rapid elimination of ripe skin particles. After cleansing procedures, the skin acquires smoothness, elasticity, healthy radiance.

The Green Snake of the Belarusian brand “Belita-M” cleansing Pilling Skatka

As part of the productive agent, in addition to lactic acid and natural cellulose, linen and ginseng extract are represented. When used, peeling is eliminated, blood circulation improves, the tone of the face is aligned, moisturizing and nutrition is ensured.

High-quality well-chosen peeling sling successfully cope with the task of cleansing the skin. At the same time, they provide the necessary nutrition, moisturizing, noticeable rejuvenation. The effect is due to the regularity of cosmetic procedures.

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