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Fashionable autumn shades of lip glosses 2015

by aboutweeks

Every representative of the fair sex dreams of beautiful makeup. She gets old to buy only high -quality cosmetics, monitor the novelties of fashion. Lips should always be expressive. And it doesn’t matter if your eyes are painted or not. Many do not like to use lipstick, but use only lip gloss. What colors should be given preference? Consider.

The main trend in the fashion of this fall is more naturalness, we see this in the palettes of the splendor presented on sale in the entire season, for example, on Tonymoly-Box. Of course, without cosmetics, a woman looks much better. Her beauty is natural by nature. But still lip gloss will not be superfluous. Soft and light texture, juicy shades – all this should be present on the lips. In the fall of 2015, it is worth choosing shine of fruit shades. If this is daytime makeup, then it is better to opt for lips in the tone of lips. A colorless shine is allowed.

Saturated red this year went out of fashion. He was replaced by a more pale pink color, peach and beige. Therefore, lovers of bright colors will have to temporarily remove such lip gloss from their cosmetic bags. More calm colors will be relevant and popular.

Bloss for lips was widely used in the 90s, then it lost its popularity. And this season he returned again, more updated. Consider several famous models.


All a famous brand, many girls love her. This year it is presented in 24 color shades. Infaillible is easily applied to the lips, very persistent (about 4 hours) and is able to hide minor flaws on the lips. From flowers – matte shades of red. The model of the extraordinan has a persistent peach color.

Also, as a lip gloss, you can use the TOP GLOSS tool. It gives lips volume, has a pleasant mint smell. Color options are different.

Shine from Chanel will be popular. The color palette allows you to choose any shade. Shine looks perfect on the lips, approaches any image. It does not spread, which means your sponges will be impeccable.

Makeup is the main component of any image. To make it perfect, it is necessary to follow fashion trends. Translucent shine, not striking – the novelty of the 2015 autumn season. Naturalness on the lips – the main trump card. In no case should you apply bright colors on the lips, only pale or completely transparent. If you want to look fashionable, follow these tips. Natural beauty – above all!

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