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Antibular brake system – ABS

by aboutweeks

There are situations when it is necessary to sharply brake to go around the pit, obstacle or prevent traffic accident. In such cases, when pressing the brake pedal to the stop, as a rule, the wheels are blocked and do not obey the steering. The driver can lose control of the vehicle and create an emergency situation on the road. To prevent this from happening, on modern cars they install an anti -lock brake system.

ABS consists of several devices. They prevent wheels blocking with emergency braking. It is the totality of these devices that allows the driver not to lose the steering, and the car does not move to the side of the road in this case.

In order to understand all the benefits of the ABS system, you should know the principle of its action. And the principle is the simple laws of physics. The friction coefficient during sliding is much larger than the coefficient of friction in the state of rest. It follows that the machine, the wheels of which are blocked with strong and fast pressing for the brakes will pass much further than the machine, the wheels of which continue to rotate.

The anti -lock system consists of several sensors for determining the speed of movement, control valves and control unit. The sensors are located on the hubs, and the control valves are installed in the highways of the main braking system. The control unit receives information from sensors and controls valves.

The system of devices ABS monitors the force of pressing the brake, thereby not allowing the wheels of the car to be blocked. In the absence of this function, the car is much harder to control. And with a lack of dexterity and greater driving experience, driving such a car can become impossible in extreme conditions and life -threatening not only a driver, but also passengers.

Make sure that the system can be used by the presence of shocks when pressing the brake pedal, cracking sound and ABS light indicator on the dashboard.

Also, we must not forget about proper braking in the presence of an anti -lock brake system. It should be performed with a quick and long press on the brake pedal. In no case should you brak with multiple intermittent presses.

With proper circulation, the ABS system can reduce the braking distance by almost 20% on the dry coating, and in conditions of wet or slippery coating of the roadway, the difference will be much larger. It should also be attributed to the pluses that anti -blocking contributes to the longevity of the use of car tires.

But you should not fully rely when managing to the brake system. In some cases, it can be powerless, so you must always remember that the safety of the car is on the driver’s shoulders.

The problems of use include sudden malfunctions of ABS, although these are isolated cases, they are still found. This is mainly due to violation of the rules and instructions for using the system.

The most vulnerable place can be wheel sensors. Common cases of malfunctions in the anti -lock braking system can be significant pollution.

The other malfunctions of the system include an independent disconnection of the safety relay with unacceptable errors in the operation of a car equipped.

To avoid errors, use the rules for using the system. You should not start the engine with lighting from the battery of another car, do not offer a car with ABS as a donated battery to light another car. It is necessary to monitor the connection of electrical connectors on the generator.

In case of malfunction of the system, the car will behave on the road in the same way as a car that is not equipped with this system. This will signal the light of the light bulb on the dashboard of the machine. The self -diagnosis system is responsible for this, which is equipped with modern cars with an anti -locking braking system. If the light of the light bulb occurs periodically and shortly, you should check the contact connections of the electric circuit or send the car for a technical inspection to the car service.

Do not forget about such features as the discharge of the pressure battery in the anti -lock system when replacing the brake fluid.

Today, in cars, a more advanced electronic braking system is installed. Its equipment is supplemented by an anti -wings system, an electronic stability control system and a assistance system with sharp braking.

The brake anti -blocking system is not only an excellent assistant to a novice driver, but also a very useful function of traffic safety in conditions of ice and a wet coverage of the roadway.


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