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Photo of the new generation Nissan Altima 2013

by aboutweeks

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Nissan Technical Center, located in the province of Ashaugi, the Japanese car manufacturer in the anniversary promotional role accidentally showed an experienced prototype of the Altima 2013 sedan without any camouflage.

The find was made by Mike Magrat, an INSIDELINE employee. He managed to take a screenshot containing a fragment of the car before Nissan replaced the video.

Based on the existing figure, we can confidently say that the new generation of Altima 2013 sedan has received a more elegant design. The shape of the front and rear wings looks particularly interesting. The design of the front headlights is also very curious, it is somewhat reminiscent of the light optics of the latter Maxima and 370z.

Nissan previously informed us that Altima 2013 will be the first car of the brand that will receive a new hybrid system that combines a 2.5-liter boost gasoline engine and a lithium-ion battery, loading during braking.

Altima will also receive a new unaccountable transmission Xtronic CVT, which should improve fuel economy.

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