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An interesting story of manicure

by aboutweeks

Each person strives to look better, and it is precisely for this to care for nails, hair, as well as skin. To stand out, it is not necessary to dye your hair, or color your face, you can conduct a beautiful individual manicure that will help you in this. From the story it was found that in 1964 in Egypt during excavations, archaeologists discovered the tomb of Pharaoh Nuser, with his retinue. According to the documents found, the retinue of the pharaoh included people who were called “guardians and masters of the nails of the pharaoh. Yes, in those days, our history, the colors of the nails were used for hierarchical secretion. Noble and rich people grew long nails, they painted them in bright colors, painted their nails in a terracotta shade or in red. From the history of manicure, we became aware that in ancient China, people prepared paint for nails made of wax, eggs, hummiarabic and even from gelatin.

Cleopatra known to the world, painted her nails with pure gold. Many women of the East, used vegetable dyes for nail painting, was applied to the sprout zone. From historical data, it became known that every year, the manicure gained great popularity. Masters of manicure prepared special varnishes, packaged in comfortable small bottles with a brush.

But not every woman could afford to grow long nails, only noble ladies, had such nails.

A little about the history of manicure. In the 16th century, these are our era, women who had long nails, caused great non -trust, among others, it was generally accepted that such women were sorceresses or witches. And if any of them went outside, and besides, if they painted their nails with dark paint, they were sent to the fire.

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