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Gymnastics for the feet, and massage for the foot

by aboutweeks

In order to somehow keep your legs and foot in good mobility, you need to do special gymnastics for the legs and feet. And of course, in order to keep your legs and foot in perfect form for many years, you must constantly care and follow your feet. This is especially true for women, since we constantly wear various heels and all this can lead to diseases of the legs. After a hard working day when you come home, take off your shoes and make a useful and relaxing foot bath and of course for the foot. The bath can be prepared from sea salt with the addition of lavender and a string. This bath will help relieve fatigue from your foot. After drying your legs and you can make a pleasant foot exercise. To do this, you will need a small children’s ball, put the foot on the ball and begin to roll it in different directions, but without tearing the foot from the ball. By this we completely massage the foot and relax it. Also, a contrasting shower is very useful for the tired stops, at the beginning of a few seconds hot water, after a cold and within a few minutes make a contrasting shower for the feet. And of course we finish with cold water. After such a shower, wrap your legs in a warm towel and lying on the bed lift your legs for about 5-10 minutes. This will help restore blood circulation in the legs and improve the general condition of the foot. The feet can also hurt when wearing incorrect and not high -quality shoes. When choosing, it is necessary that the block is comfortable and the shoes do not constrain the foot.

In order to relieve fatigue of the legs, top massage helps a lot. We apply a little fat cream to a clean foot or you can use the legs cream, we begin to make small circles to the entire foot with light movements and smoothly go to each finger and knit with careful movements and after moving to the sole of the foot and rise above. This exercise is very useful to do every evening. Also, for example, every half a year can be carried out by various massage procedures. Will turn to a good specialist and get a full course of therapeutic massage to strengthen the whole organism and of course to strengthen the foot. You can do a massage for the foot after you can do it yourself at home.

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