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Volvo trucks are the safest

by aboutweeks

Among truck drivers, Volvo cars are in particular demand. They are recognized as one of the most reliable and strong. It is no coincidence that these cars are practically not found in workshops, where autocrains and other special equipment are repaired. In addition to reliability, the manufacturer’s trucks are considered the safest – such as, for example, cars of the new FH series.

It was the creation of the most safe conditions on the roads that was the main goal of creating these trucks. The manufacturer paid special attention to the functionality of the design of the machine. One of the main improvements of the FH series trucks is an increase in the cabin volume by one cubic meter. This also suggests that the company took care of increasing the area for the driver’s survival during the accident. Already because of this, it is worth contacting firms engaged in transporting special equipment in Moscow so that they will deliver you such a truck. The hatch in the roof of the cabin, which can be used if the doors blocked, is significantly improved.

Rear view mirrors also have a new design. They are installed in thin design, which reduces the area of ​​blind viewing zones. In general, the useful area of ​​the cabin windows increased by 17%.  The question of visibility is an important component in the daily work of the driver, so the design of the rear rear -view mirror is completely changed. Now they do not overshadow the front, but at the same time provide good overview of the back.

European researchers have found that more than 90% of accidents with the participation of trucks are associated with the human factor. And only 25% of these accidents are explained by the actions of truck drivers. That is why Volvo offers consumers cars with a large number of options ensuring security. This, for example, is a warning system during rebuilding and a driver warning system, holding his attention to the road.

But if an accident cannot be avoided, a person while driving should be protected as much as possible. Trucks of the new series passed large test testing tests that simulate accidents on the roads. The tests made say that the driver’s safety has improved several times. Thus, the stiffness and functionality of the doors is increased, which reduces (in case of accident) injuries in the knee area.

The workplace of the truck driver is characterized by increased comfort and ease of operation. The machine is equipped with new technologies that help to achieve maximum profitability of transportation and save fuel.

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