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Toyota GT86 sports coup

by aboutweeks

Those who love sports cars, especially the compartment, were in a long expectation of the appearance of this rear -wheel drive car. Toyota has practically no experience working with opposite power units, but once you should start, especially since the Motor for the sports coupe was provided by the longtime opponent of the manufacturer-Subaru.  As a result, in the motor compartment of the GT86 model there was an engine (2.0), with a capacity of 200 forces, with a torque of 205 HM. We will not argue, for many sophisticated drivers, such indicators are not record, however, the compartment demonstrates unprecedented dynamics in all rpm of CLV revolutions.

In tandem with a mechanical checkpoint, the compartment is reproached even more actively than with automatic. If this is not enough, you will need to click on the button on the central console, deactivating the stabilization system, and in the “top” version, for the convenience of control when choosing the necessary transmission, steering wheel petals are also proposed.

Control is accurate, with a lightning -fast reaction to the steering wheel rotation. Motorists often show dissatisfaction that in some cars, to varying degrees, the management takes on electronic reminding systems, this does not apply to the sports coupe, this is activated only in critical situations.

True, such settings do not give a car of increased comfort, especially this applies to the suspension that clearly works out any error met on the way, the “bedridden” does not talk about at all.

Outwardly the car looks amazing. All components of the body of the body, bumper, a stern spoiler, monolithic with the lid of the trunk, give the car aggression and increase aerodynamic qualities. And this is in the basic version, in the Aero configuration, the machine looks more defiant, with additional linings on the thresholds, body kit, and other elements of production tuning.

In a car whose length does not exceed 4 m, 4 places and, according to the manufacturer, he is the most compact “athlete” in the segment. However, the cabin is crowded, especially in the back row. In front of the case in this discipline is much better.

The driver’s workplace is ergonomically, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The “base” in the car offers: a stability system in a given course, access without a key, cruise control, climate, sports-sample chairs with amplifiers on the sides, CD, high-quality display with intelligible graphics.

The luggage compartment is compact, to match the car. I am pleased that the developers took care of equipping it with a full -sized stock. It will seem impractical to some compartment, but over this discipline the manufacturer does not put the stress. The main thing is that the car is perceived by the target audience, which does not arise, because for it the appearance of a new compartment is a kind of “reincarnation” of the previous AE86 model. This car, in due time, was in great respect among the motorsportsmen.

The wheel of the car is heavy. With fast driving, this is not bad, but when parking, you have to make additional efforts. The cost of the car is already in the “base” significantly exceeds 1 million. rub, but this does not really care about marketers, since the model has practically no competitors, except the Korean Genesis, but it is even more expensive in the “top -end” performance.

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