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Pizza and beer

by aboutweeks

If you choose the right drink for food, it will become even tastier. But what drink would be perfect for this dish? According to the inventors of Pizza – Italians, nothing better than red wine for pizza cannot be invented. Some pizza goes well with white dining room wine. And those who for some reason cannot drink alcohol can drink pizza with a mineral water. But so, alas, they only think in Italy.

In the rest of the world, the American tradition flourishes, which successfully combines pizza and beer. However, it is not surprising – this is the most popular combination at parties and while watching a TV in any company. Even Americans of Italian descent follow similar traditions. And for those who do not drink beer, the cola is a standard replacement.

Thus, the beautiful Italian pizza has long turned into one of the fast-food menu items, which is complemented by the same standard drinks from its repertoire.

Those who independently prepare pizza should recommend the original Italian version of its red wine.

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