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The main rules for choosing rings

by aboutweeks

The ring is not only a jewelry, but also an element of style, human image. It can be impressed by a person, assume his social status, learn about preferences. The correctly selected ring complements the image, does not bring discomfort to its owner. In order not to make a mistake with the choice of such a jewelry, you need to remember several rules.

Age matters

Choose rings based on the age of a person. Girls are recommended thin rings. Older women should choose massive products. The thing is that a girl with a bulky decoration looks vulgar, and an older woman looks ridiculous and extremely frivolous with a delicate decoration.

Finger shape and hands

If the fingers are long and elegant, products with horizontal stripes in design should be considered. Those who have puffy fingers need to pay attention to jewelry with asymmetric images. Rings of various shapes and sizes are presented here Diamant.KIEV/ at an affordable cost.

Products can be found for any shape of the fingers.

To visually lengthen short fingers, it is recommended to choose rings with vertical elements, or with pear -shaped stones.

Much depends not only on the shape of the fingers, but also on the shape of the brush. If it is large and wide, massive jewelry with large stones is suitable. Girls with small, graceful handles should only consider miniature products with small stones. Too large rings visually make a hand even less.

In a jewelry salon

The main rule when buying jewelry is not to rush. Each product should be carefully considered: are there damage, chips or scratches on it.

It is necessary to measure the product. It should not cause discomfort, pain. The perfect ring will be easily put on the finger and it will not slip. It is necessary to consider how the decoration looks on the finger, whether it is suitable. If unpleasant sensations arose, or the decoration did not cause delight – you should continue the search. Rings must like the rings and cause admiration for its owner to want to wear them day after day.

It happens that after a long fitting of the rings, the buyer is in a state of confusion, not knowing which product to choose. This can lead to the wrong choice. To prevent this, it is recommended to leave the passenger compartment, take a walk on the street for a while and think carefully, listen to yourself. Outside the store, the decision will be able to make faster. Thus, a person will understand which jewelry really liked, what I would like to wear on your finger.

Given the above rules, the perfect ring will be found, which will complement the image, will become a favorite decoration.

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