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The main rules for choosing children’s books

by aboutweeks

Reading is a very exciting and interesting activity that allows you to acquire knowledge about everything in the world, develops imagination and forms a person’s consciousness. The choice of books for a child is of great importance for his entire future life.

For the smallest children when choosing books, you need to pay attention to the brightness of pictures, musical or tactile effects, as well as to the density of pages and the cover of the cover. The first books are more toys for the child, he will consider the pictures more and study the pages by touch, the text at this age is not so important. It is possible that it be small rhymes or very short stories, or songs.

The next step is fairy tales for children. The most easily read fairy tales in verses, or simple short stories. The design of books also is crucial at this age. Illustrations should be large enough and understandable for the child. At this age, the future relationship of a small person with a book is already beginning to be laid. Stories should be kind, with a good end, preferably instructive to give an example of behavior for a child. It is better to discuss everything read – this helps to develop speech and purchase a vocabulary to a child. Small poems to memorize well and show in the scenes.

Further, as the child grows up, the topics for books become very different- you need to pay attention to the tendency of the baby, his interest, and choose interesting literature for him. It can be books with stickers, or simple riddles, or coloring and magazines suitable by age.

For parents, the choice of children’s books in the store is a difficult task due to a large assortment in which it is not easy to choose the right.

It is very good to develop versatile child, offer him poems about the nature of different poets, and stories about animals, and life stories, and humor. Everything that will be read with interest will make great joy and will be remembered for life.

For preschool children, encyclopedias and books with experiments, books with tasks are usually very interesting for children, as well as stories about positive heroes that defeat evil, here you need to focus on the inclinations of the child and choose instructive stories that you can think about and then refer to later life situations.

If the child loves to read, his life will be rich in feelings and impressions, and this is laid in early childhood.

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