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The Renult Duster car is popular and reliable

by aboutweeks

From the very moment of its appearance, the Renult Duster SUV has won vast popularity in the hearts of our compatriots. This car cannot be called ideal, there is a lot of disputes and regarding design and all -wheel drive, but how many disputes would not, the sale of the car speaks for themselves. Duster has become one of the most popular SUVs. The reasons for this are understandable – this is the most affordable SUV non -surveying.

Outwardly, Duster is a very attractive car with an abundance of chromium and a large head optics, which is undoubtedly a dignity for any SUV. The image is very concise, there is no feeling of incompleteness. A very brutal SUV fits perfectly into the appearance of the metropolis and impenetrable impassage. The courageous appearance of the SUV is even more supplemented by the wide wheel arches and steel elements of the protection of the bottom, clearly noticeable even with a cursory examination of the car.

In the cabin, as usual as a budget car, we meet hard cheap plastic and tissue upholstery of seats. Something resembles Logan, but in an expanded format. Places in the cabin is enough for five passengers. The driver is comfortable, and the chair has an abundance of adjustments, which allows you to optimally configure “for yourself”. In the trunk of 408 liters of free space, which, if desired, can still be increased, folding the second row of seats.

Under the hood of the basic modification of the car is a 1.6-liter motor, which develops 102 horsepower. In this configuration, the car does not have all -wheel drive, but the motor is enough for a measured driving. This power unit is equipped with a 5-step mechanical transmission. The top engine develops 135 horsepower with a working volume of 2.0 liters. In pairs with this engine, you can choose an automatic transmission with front -wheel drive or mechanics and all -wheel drive. There is also a version with a 1.5 -liter diesel engine, which is the least in our country.

Worth the basic Duster 479,000 rubles. Of course, without all -wheel drive, the SUV is not considered an SUV, especially in the Volga areas. So dealers also think, so buying a Renault Duster in Ufa in the basic equipment is not very difficult. The simplest version of 4×4 will cost the buyer already 529000 rubles. The top version of the SUV will cost 721,000 rubles.

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