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by aboutweeks

BMW engineers, apparently, love striptease. Today they removed a little more camouflage from the BMW X5 test prototype, which was tracked by our photographers-spons.

At the first glance at the photo, a familiar design is immediately recognized, which we could partially see in X1 and X3.

Camouflage hides many details, but still you can draw some conclusions. The crossover will receive a brightly exposed radiator grille, ventilated front wings and a double exhaust system. The novelty will be much larger than the predecessor, both in length and in width.

The line of engines remains unconfirmed, but previous rumors stated that we should expect a 2.0-liter diesel diesel engine with 245 liters.With. (183 kW), 3.0-liter diesel from 302 liters.With. (225 kW) and 4.4-liter gasoline twin-turbo V8 from 402 liters.With. (300 kW).

We can also expect a hybrid version that includes a 3.0-liter gasoline tween-turbo engine, electric motor and sdmo generators. The total output power of this version will be 340 liters.With., And the torque will be equal to 450 nm.

The new BMW X5 is expected to debut at the end of this year.

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