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The main principles of healthy diet

by aboutweeks

Today, everyone who cares about the health of their body, and also monitors maintaining a good physical form, probably heard that one of the main means on the path to achieving the desired goal should be a well -planned diet for each day. At the same time, many often forget that healthy diet is not a “cleansing” diet at all that can be observed a couple of weeks, and then with a sense of a duty to return to eating donuts and fried potatoes before bedtime. Proper nutrition is a clear system of organizing its daily diet, the structure of which is constituted by very specific rules, which must be observed constantly. Continuously adhering to the principles of a healthy diet, you can not only significantly improve your digestion and well -being, but also get rid of extra pounds and easily bring your body to the desired physical form. The rules of a healthy diet are inherently simple and feasible. The greatest difficulty for a modern person, as a rule, is precisely the issue of planning the correct diet, as well as the organization of time for the preparation of fresh healthy food for every day.

The main principles of proper nutrition:

Follow the balance of fluid in the body.In simple words, try to drink more water. This rule is considered so obvious that most nutritionists and consultants on healthy diet, as a rule, do not devote enough time to this issue and in vain. Pure water is an integral component of a proper diet. It is believed that for an average adult, it is considered the norm to drink about two liters of liquid per day, including coffee, broths and juices drunk during the day. The main mistake of this approach is neglect of the method of fluid consumption. In fact, it is very important that during the day a person drinks at least 1.5 liters of pure water without caffeine, tea or adding sugar. Water has a cleansing effect on the human body, normalizes internal digestive processes, and also tones all vital systems of the body.

Organize your time so that your diet includes from 5 to 6 meals of food, divided into small portions during the day.Distribution of everyday volume of food, on relatively uniform parts of breakfast-highway and dinner plus two small snacks is considered one of the basic principles of healthy diet, which is worth it to absolutely everyone. An ideal option, in the unanimous opinion of nutritionists around the world, is 5-6 multiple nutrition in small portions, when every day each meal occurs at the same time. There are many objective reasons to argue the benefits of such a strict routine. However, it is enough for us to highlight the main 3:

Strict separation of food into 3 basic and 2 additional doses allows more organizedly approached the calculation of calories consumed and better control the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates entering the body during the day.

Eating even in very small portions during the day many times, that is, approximately every 2-3 hours, a person does not feel a sense of severe hunger and at the same time constantly supports the balance of all necessary substances in the body. Thus, a strict schedule of food techniques avoids unforeseen snacks of quick carbohydrates, which, as a rule, are sweets or fast foods.;

Well, the latter – the human digestive system is actually also affected by our habits, like the whole organism. That is, if eating during the day falls at the same time, the body, accustomed to everyday routine, begins to secrete substances for the best digestion of food and assimilating the necessary elements just at the time when you sit down at the table.

Try to have more fresh food and less processed food in your menu.

Everyone knows that proper nutrition involves the use of a large number of vegetables and fruits during the day. Even in winter, when it becomes more difficult to get fresh products, it is extremely desirable to add vegetable products to your diet. To save time for cooking, many try to cook many dishes in advance so that they do not return to the issue of cooking food within a week. However, dishes that are stored in the refrigerator for a long time lose a significant amount of useful substances and minerals, so one name remains of “healthy food”.

How easy it is to switch to proper nutrition?

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