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The “hot” BMW M135i hatchback is tested in nurging

by aboutweeks

The BMW M135I concept “teased” everyone in Geneva, but BMW could not confirm if it would become a serial car. Now we know that it will be produced, and the photographers caught the “hot” hatchback during his testing on the track in Nürburgring in Germany.

BMW M135I has a turbo engine of 1.6 liter, which produces about 330 liters. With. and 370 nm torque. Additional Full -wheel drive settings will also be offered on M135I, as well as the choice of manual or automatic transmission. The car can also have a diesel option, following in the footsteps X5 M50D and X6 M50D.

Cast disks with a diameter of 18 inches and BMW M brakes will be standard, like a M-style package, which adds a new aggressive style of the front bumper and more sculptural wings.

The company, however, stated that the M135i is not intended for the US market. But the fact that Mercedes decided to display his new A-Class is presumably A25 AMG in the USA may stimulate BMW send its hatchback through the ocean.

Given the fact that the 1m compartment was discontinued, it seems that the M135i would become an ideal option that

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