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Audi Q6 fell into camera lenses

by aboutweeks

The BMW X6 crossover-compartment immediately after the debut to disrupted the public applause. Representatives of competing companies on the following days began to declare that they would show their models of such a form factor in the near future, but so far we have not seen the real competitor X6 so. It seems that in the development the Audi has moved further than everyone, which will release Q6 in the coming years.

This project was officially confirmed by Walter de Silva, the chief designer of the Volkswagen concern.

Our photographers-shpions took several pictures of a test mule, which these days are tested in the area of ​​Northern Scandinavia.

It is known that the Audi Q6 will be built on the Q5 platform. Moreover, the novelty should be wider and longer. Its design will be aggressive and powerful.

Audi will offer for buyers Q6 a wide range of power plants, including gasoline and diesel engines. A few years after the Q6 debut, which will be held in 2014, hybrid modification will be brought to the market. In addition, engineers will release the “charged” version of the RS, which will receive a 4-liter V8 turbo engine V8.

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