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Food for gastritis

by aboutweeks

With gastritis with high acidity, the patient may be disturbed by heartburn, belching and constipation. Gastritis with high acidity should be carried out in compliance with a sparing diet. If gastritis is accompanied by reduced acidity, the patient is often concerned about the feeling of overflowing the stomach, after eating is heavily felt, nausea and diarrhea may be disturbed. Nutrition with any form of gastritis should be freely fractional and frequent.

It is advisable to consume boiled and steam dishes, the patient should try to eat at least six times within one day. How to choose a diet for gastritis to improve your condition? Gastritis diet, as we have already said, should be sparing, eat in small portions, food must be carefully chewed. Prevent the accumulation of gastric juice in small portions, if there is no food in the stomach for a long time, then at such a time, the stomach begins to digest the affected areas of the mucous membrane.

The diet for gastritis should not be made of fatty, fried, salty, canned and spicy food. The temperature of the dishes should be from 20 to 50 degrees. Half an hour before meals and in the morning after waking up, it will be useful to drink fresh cooked juice of carrots, potatoes and cabbage with gastritis, you can drink mixed juices. Juices of the listed vegetables have anti -encourage properties, so drinking juices helps to reduce the likelihood of stomach walls. With high acidity gastritis, it is recommended to drink undiluted juices to improve the body if gastritis is accompanied by low acidity, juices are best diluted with water 1-10.

Gastritis diet recommends steamed dishes more often, groomed dishes are perfect. Completely exclude hard and rough food from the diet, also reduce bob food, as it is difficult to digest them. Try to consume salt less, it is better to eat bread yesterday’s baking, made of flour of the first or highest grade. It is advisable to completely exclude fresh bakery products from the usual diet, but all the vehicles are allowed to consume.

Ground food is best suited for gastritis, it is recommended to cook the first dishes from wiped vegetables, such dishes are not able to cause bloating. If you decide to prepare a dish of cereals, the product should be the most decorated. To improve the condition with gastritis, it is recommended to prepare semolina, rice, buckwheat and Hercules more often. It is best to consume fish and poultry without a skin and in a well -wiped form, you can consume eggs only if they are boiled softly or in the form of a steam omelet.

Gastritis with high acidity recommends excluding fermented milk products from the diet. But with low acidity, sour -milk products can be included in the diet. With any type of gastritis in the diet, not in any occasion should not be present rye and freshly baked bread, baking and puff pastry are also contraindicated. Try to consume only allowed food, only the benefits of strong broths, borscht, fatty meat, whole pasta and pearl barley, you cannot get. As you can see, a diet for gastritis excludes many products, but if you treat and follow a diet for some time, you can completely get rid of gastritis.

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